PLVision Case Studies Lighting System Automation Platform

Lighting System Automation Platform

Lighting System Automation Platform
Construction & Buildings
Logistics & Warehousing
Process Control & Optimization

Key Requirements - Different types of network (WLAN, IP, Bluetooth) - Multi vendor supports - Energy saving requirements - Standards for high-end technologies used under development - Multi level architecture requirement for securutity and redundancy

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End-user of platform are manufacturers that have many lighting point and need to monitor, optimize and control energy usage.

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Key Solutions - Enabled proprietary assets with BLE mesh protocol - Designed interim Linux-based gateway for cloud connectivity via MQTT protocol. - Cloud gateway supports ZigBee as well as BLE-mesh - Assets enabled with multiple sensors to provide cloud with real-time data for energy –plan selection and management - Enabled assets management via mobile application via cloud and gateway

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Energy Cost Per Unit, Energy Usage, Lighting, Supply Chain Optimization
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Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Productivity]
Improved lighting quality that increase productivity
[Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
Improve supply chain for assets maintenance
[Cost Reduction - Energy]
Reduce budget for lighting

Energy monitoring, efficiency and saving up to 90%

Real-time management

Enabled power voltage (dimming) and frequency monitoring for multiple device types.

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