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GE Intelligent Platforms’ Series 90*-30 PLCs is a family of controllers, I/O systems and spe- cialty modules designed to meet the demand for versatile industrial solutions — helping businesses gain a sustainable advantage. With its single overall control architecture, the Series 90-30 has been the PLC of record in over 200,000 applications such as high- speed packaging, material handling, complex motion control, water treatment, continuous emissions monitoring, mining, food process- ing, elevator control, injection molding and many more.
Its modular design offers unique versatility.

Configure just the system you need, saving critical space and reducing cost. With over 100 I/O modules, the Series 90-30 PLC can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

• Digital interfaces for push buttons, switches, proximity sensors, relays, contactors and many other devices

• Analog modules with varying degrees of resolution for flow, temperature or pressure applications

• Direct connect wiring or remote termination

• Local or remote I/O systems

Ethernet communications provide a real-time link between the plant floor and the boardroom.
You can begin with an Ethernet-enabled CPU, or at a later date, choose from our selection of rack-mounted Ethernet modules. The Series 90-30 Ethernet module supports both SRTP and Modbus TCP/IP application protocols.

The scalable processing power of the CPU creates a clear upgrade path.
Create the system that’s ideal today, while leaving open the option of creating a more powerful system tomorrow — without having to change your application software.

Integrated motion control fosters high performance, point-to-point applications.
A variety of Series 90-30 field bus inter- faces enables distributed control and/or I/O. Choose from Ethernet EGD, Profibus-DPTM, Genius*, DeviceNetTM and Interbus-STM mod- ules. Field Bus interface modules are easy to install and quick to configure. Plug them into an existing system or design a new system around them.

Programming is easy with Proficy* Machine Edition.
With the most advanced PLC programming tools on the market today, Proficy Machine Edition is an integrated solution for PLC and remote I/O hardware configuration, PLC programming languages, application devel- opment, and on-line diagnostics. Supported programming languages include Ladder Dia- gram (LD), Instruction List (IL), Structural Text (ST), and C Block.

The Series 90-30 stands out among small controls for offering redundancy options.
The Series 90-30 is the low-cost solution for
high availability applications, with redundant CPUs and power supplies.
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