Advantech Software iManager - Intelligent Management Tool

iManager - Intelligent Management Tool

iManager - Intelligent Management Tool
Embedded Operating System
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To fulfill the ever-changing specialized demands of various industrial applications, Advantech designed an intelligent self-management agent with software control functions and standalone hardware design: iManager, a built-in solution chip, is a perfect solution that provides a standardized API, integrating several unique platform consolidating functions needed by embedded system integrators to help improve consistency, lighten the development effort and speed-up a product’s time-to-market.

Cross-Platform Programming

Operates independent of any OS. iManager 2.0 runs automatically without dependency on any operating system; it increases stability for managing platform resources.

Real-Time Response

Instant reaction for Real-time status monitoring. iManager 2.0 source code is a built-in, on-board Embedded Controller, providing faster response time for processing hardware control and interrupts.

Plug & Play

Power on and run without any driver installation. iManager 2.0 works well without any software installed, easing the deployment process for developers.

Intelligent Resource Management

Auto adjusting fan speed based on temperature, and multi-control interfaces for peripheral devices. System health inspection includes real time monitoring of fan speed, temperature sensors and voltages etc.

Auto-protection & System Restore

Multi level protection quickly puts failover systems back in service back in service. CPU Throttling feature automatically reduces clock frequency to lower temperature, preventing CPU from physical damage and preventing data processing errors.

Security Enhancement

Record boot information and encrypted data protection for security enhancement.

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