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Advantech Webaccess, as the core of Advantech's IoT solution, provides users with a cross-platform, cross-browser data access experience and a user interface based on HTML5 technology. With Webaccess, users can build an information management platform and improve the effectiveness of vertical markets' development and management.

Advantech WebAccess provides an HTML5 based Dashboard as the next generation of WebAccess HMI. System integrators can use Dashboard Editor to create the customized information page by using analysis charts and diagrams which are called widgets. After the dashboard screens have been created, end user can view the data by Dashboard Viewer with any browser for a seamless viewing experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.
WebAccess / Cloud
Advantech dedicated to offer the comprehensive solutions to meet our customers' needs. In addition to the sustainable development of project based monitoring and control application software, WebAccess is also committed to develop the service based cloud application platform. WebAccess provides various types of services such as data communication, data synchronization, data visualization, IoT administration, and multi project maintenance in the cloud architecture

Key advantages:
1. Cross-Platform/Browsers Monitoring
2. Data Synchronisation
3. Data Visualisation
4. IoT Administration
5. Multi-project maintenance

WebAccess / SCADA
Advantech WebAccess is a browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces HMI, and supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA. It is used to automate complex industrial processes for situations where remote operations are needed. All the features found in conventional HMI and SCADA software packages are available in an ordinary browser including Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs.

Feature Highlight: Business Intelligence Dashboard
WebAccess provides Business intelligence analytic services by a HTML5-based Dashboard. User can create the customized information page by using analysis charts and diagrams which are called widgets. User can view the data in different browsers, like Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for a seamless viewing experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

WebAccess / CNC
Advantech WebAccess/CNC is the core solution for network CNC devices. Based on the 100% web based WebAccess/SCADA software structure, WebAccess/CNC provides major CNC networking functions and provides the advantages of SCADA software to the CNC market. Through the additional ability to monitor I/O devices, WebAccess/CNC brings the benefits of CNC information management and status visualization. Users can browse the SCADA web pages through Internet Explorer to monitor and capture real time CNC information and the production status. This improves efficiency by analyzing device availability.

Advantech WebAccess/CNC is CNC networking software designed specifically for the machine tool market. Through the integration of a large number of SCADA drivers, WebAccess/CNC supports the majority of CNC, I/O and PLC devices to collect factory equipment information and develop the industrial networking applications.

Key advantages:
1. Supports major CNC and I/O monitoring device functions
2. Supports various protocols to connect common industrial devices and PLCs
3. 100% web-based SCADA including HTML5 dashboard and cross operating system display
4. Provides the full functionality of WebAccess professional version
5. Available CNC connection numbers upgrade
6. Provide details of the availability of CNC devices to handle the production efficiency

WebAccess / HMI
WebAccess/HMI Designer is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions for Human Machine Interface products. WebAccess/HMI Designer is proven in many application fields and is an easy integrated development tool. The features include solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multilanguage applications, a recipe, an alarms, a data logger and operation logging. WebAccess/HMI Designer also provides online/offline simulation and other utility programs such as Data Transfer Helper (DTH), recipe editor and text editor.

WebAccess/HMI Runtime, a part of WebAccess/HMI, guarantees reliability and performance of Open Platform because of the minimum system overhead, high communication data rates, sub-second screen switching, and 24/7 operation. Our fast response software team adds new functions, communication drivers ands solutions to the software all the time to meet dynamic needs.
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