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The flexible and expandable architecture of the WISE-PaaS platform allows for seamless integration between a diversity of cloud solutions and equipment by applying 150+ RESTful APIs, web services, and MQTT messaging protocol. These APIs allow the programmer to make function calls in order to access system features without worrying about the underlying source code or understanding how the internal hardware works. Customers can choose from a variety of solution-ready sets, simply purchase a standard set to create a completely unique object, or choose to combine standard and theme-based packages to fully customize an IoT solution that suits their individual requirements and working conditions.
An online platform that supports multiple modules and solutions, from security to remote access and control.
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IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant
IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant
At any given time, the textile company’s manufacturing facility has up to 2,000 textile carts in use. These carts are pushed from room to room, carrying materials or semi-finished products. Previously, a paper with a hand-written description was attached to each cart. This traditional method of processing made product tracking extremely difficult. Additionally, making sure that every cart of materials or semi-finished products went to its correct processing work station was also a problem. Therefore, the company desired an intelligent solution for tracking assets at their factories. They also wanted a solution that would help them collect process data so they could improve their manufacturing efficiency.
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